Vista Services & Offers



“Enjoy The View” is our motto.  Take your weekends back, enjoy your time with your family.  Go catch a movie.  Go enjoy a round of golf.  Have coffee with the girls.  Whatever you decide to do with your free time, rest assured that your windows at home are going to have that gleaming quality when done. We clean windows inside and out with a specially formulated solution proven to reduce static and leave a sparkle. To reach the deepest clean possible, we remove and dust every screen at the residence and wipe down all exposed tracks and window sills. Protective mats/towels are used on all interior flooring and our crew even sport shoe covers inside your home. A final walk through is performed to double-check all our work at the end of our service. It's the little details that set us apart from the competition.



Vista Window Cleaning offers a wide range of customized services for our commercial customers up to 4 stories, which provides you with more options and saves you money. For example, you may choose to have your exterior windows cleaned monthly, while having the inside cleaned once per quarter. Maybe you need your windows cleaned early in the morning prior to employees or customers arriving. We are willing and ready to work around our customers needs and give your business that extra sparkle.  Our WaterFed pole system sets up apart from our competition.  In most cases, no need for lifts or ladders.  Our specialty designed waterfed poles are the fastest, highest quality and most efficient way to clean your windows.  


Gutter Cleaning

Are your gutters out of sight, out of mind?  What’s hiding up there?  Avoid costly repairs by having your gutters maintained regularly.  Our regular gutter cleaning service includes removing all debris by hand with no mess left behind. This ensures all downspouts will flow properly. Additionally, we will inspect the equipment and make recommendations of any needed repairs.